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Put nearly 90 years of experience to work for you by choosing Wes Finch & Sons Excavating Ltd. for tried and true design and septic system installation. We’re the area’s only suppliers of an approved open-bottom system and a registered dealer of Waterloo Biofilter systems in Muskoka Lakes and the surrounding region.

Our family-owned team knows that for many home and business owners, the septic system can be out-of-sight and totally out-of-mind until a problem occurs. With Wes Finch & Sons Excavating, you can rely professional septic system design and precise installation services, even on small or difficult to access lots.

Whether we’re replacing an old septic system or designing and installing a state of the art replacement, you can expect prompt and professional service when you choose Wes Finch & Sons Excavating. For more information on our septic system design and installation services, read below or contact our local team today.

Go Green with the Waterloo Biofilter

We’re proud to be a registered dealer of Waterloo Biolfilter systems for the Muskoka Lakes area. Known for their green technology and utility on small and difficult lots, Waterloo Biofilter septic treatment systems help home and business owners stay eco-friendly year after year.


Evaluating Old Septic Systems

For the most part, it’s a real estate transaction that causes home or business owners to inspect, upgrade or replace their existing septic system. Home inspection agents can perform a flow test to determine how well your septic system is functioning and make suggestions for its improvement. Another way for old septic systems to be reviewed is by the municipal re-inspection program, which aims to identify concerns and has recently begun to require upgrades if they’re not officially recorded. Replacing a septic system can be a challenge, but we have decades of experience helping property owners find the perfect solution for their lot.

Getting the Most out of New Septic Systems

The building permit for a new house usually includes new septic system installation. Current regulations require that a septic system be set back from property lines, wells, neighbouring wells, lakes or other watercourses. With these regulations in place, our team will narrow down the possible area and design and install a septic system that meets your budget and your property’s needs seamlessly. We’ll take into consideration soil quality, natural hazards and other concerns to ensure we place the septic system in the ideal spot.

Sometimes new septic systems involve aeration tanks or special materials like peat moss or engineered foam to enhance filtration. These specialized treatment systems create a higher effluent quality but may require annual inspections.

Analyzing Your Property

Your contractor will do an initial site analysis to document what’s there, to measure setbacks, to establish soil conditions, and to determine how to get your septic system up to code. It’s important for you to speak candidly about what your plans are for the property in the future, so your contractor will have all the necessary information to analyze your property.

Wes Finch & Sons Excavating has plenty of experience working within small and hard to reach lots, including properties with natural limitations and poor, rocky soil. But that’s no problem for our team—we’ll design and install a high-powered Waterloo Biofilter that will stand the test of time at your property.

Installing Septic Systems

The actual installation takes just 3 to 5 days, depending on your lot size and your individual septic system characteristics. If the tank needs to be replaced, the old tank must first be emptied and then removed. Once we begin excavating the site, there could be situations where our team will work with you to make decisions on the fly. Through the installation, an inspection is performed by the appropriate authorities. Finally, the bed is required to be seeded or sodded to prevent erosion and for protection. Helping you understand your options and preparing for various contingencies is the key to an successful septic system design and installation project.

For more information or to speak in person with Muskoka Lakes and the surrounding area’s tried and true septic specialists, contact Wes Finch & Sons Excavating today. Ask us about our open-bottom system, the only model of its kind approved and which we offer.

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