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Put nearly 90 years of excavation, septic and site prep expertise to work for you by choosing Wes Finch & Sons Excavating Ltd.! Our family owned and operated team is committed to providing some of the most dynamic site services available. We’ve worked in lots of all sizes across the region, including small and difficult lots across Bracebridge and the Muskoka Lakes region.


Wes Finch & Sons Excavating is a family run, third generation excavation business. Founded in 1929 with Walter Finch and Sons, it was later taken over by youngest son, Wesley Finch in 1967. It’s currently run together by his children Gene, David and Nancy.

We’re proud to supply aggregates, sand, soils and mulch to property owners across the region. Our team includes fully insured and licensed workers, always committed to your total satisfaction. We provide septic installation for lots of any size & demolitions.

From lot clearing to septic installation, Wes Finch & Sons Excavating does it all. Get in touch today to speak to our team in person about your residential and commercial site prep needs!

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